Risk Management, HR & SHEQ


KSA Security maintains a quality Risk Management culture based on quality management which is sustained throughout its operations, encompassing risk awareness in all divisions, adherence to risk guidelines, compliance with insurance, statutory and regulatory guidelines, and review of control measures through internal and external audits.

A five-tier layered principle approach to mitigate security risks and prevent people and property from being targeted by criminal elements is maintained and continuously updated to address appreciated risks in the security plan.


Khuselani Security and Risk Management (Pty) Ltd recruits security officers who are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and have passed a stringent screening and necessary aptitude and skills tests.

Furthermore, our security officers receive ongoing “in-house training” that is tailor made for the client to ensure excellence of service and also to afford other personnel the opportunity of advancement within the company.


The safety of all our employees is of upmost importance. We have developed a comprehensive SHEQ Management Plan and ensure the implementation of this plan through constant monitoring and comprehensive training with all our employees.